Social Media Marketing

Simple Facebook Presence Package

Give Media, Inc. will develop business Facebook presence of customer and assist with the first Facebook marketing campaign.

The customer must provide all necessary media and graphical artwork (Business Logo, Motto, Video and Campaign footage regarding business history, mission statements, etc.)

Estimated Man-hours = 40

Extended Facebook Presence Package

Give Media, Inc., will completely consult with customer to define Business Vision and Social Media marketing strategies, develop the Social Media branding, develop the Facebook business page, develop the ad page, and targeting strategy. Once approved by customer, Give Media, Inc. will completely manage the launching the complete Facebook marketing campaign and assist customer to analyze the results and determine next steps in achieving marketing goals.

Estimated Man-hours = 80

Complete Social Media Marketing Package

Give Media, Inc., will consult, develop and implement the customer’s complete Social Media presence: to include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Package Includes: The full development of the marketing strategy, branding, site congruency, themes, logo, motto, market targeting, and up to three campaigns and One MONTH full support.

Man-hours = 160

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